Circuit Training

Our Circuit Training classes are designed for every shape, size and fitness ability. We offer four circuits, each with four stations targeting lower body, abdominals, upper body and aerobic movements. You move from one station to the next in minute long intervals, exerting yourself at your own level. Whether you’re going for a personal best or slowly working yourself up to a better level of fitness, we’ll meet you wherever you are. Come treat your entire body to the fun, challenging, always-changing circuits! The music will guide you and the laughter, friendship and encouragement will keep you motivated.


  • $10 for a 1 hour class OR
  • $55 for a LiveWell punch card worth 10 hours of classes OR
  • $85/month for a single membership OR
  • $120/month for a family membership

The punchcard or membership can be used for many of our classes; see our services for a full list.


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