Dance Fit

Join Renée for Dance Fit! We combine easy-to-follow dance steps and body weight exercises while using dumbbells to target specific muscle groups. We play all the popular music beats you listen to and we happily take requests! Many participants enjoy our Zumba® Fitness and Cosmopolitan Kickboxing classes; here’s a chance for you to enjoy another choreographed dance class, but with the added challenge of light strength training and compound exercises. We know you love our cardio classes, now let’s show those beautiful muscles some love too!


  • $10 for a 1 hour class OR
  • $55 for a LiveWell punch card worth 10 hours of classes OR
  • $85/month for a single membership OR
  • $120/month for a family membership

The punchcard or membership can be used for many of our classes; see our services for a full list.


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