Our Roots

Renee and Cade

LiveWell United came to life in 2012 through the simple fun and high energy of my Zumba classes and has since grown into a thriving community of both women and men coming together for fun, motivating and challenging group fitness classes.

My vision for LiveWell has always been to create a safe place for people to become better versions of themselves.

Life is hard enough without adding an extra layer of judgment or holding on to lingering doubts that we’re not good enough to walk into a gym. It’s not about having the right clothes, the most expensive sneakers or even knowing what you’re doing in class. It’s our job to teach you, guide you, motivate and encourage you.

And along the way, we guarantee to make you laugh, smile and feel good about why you came to class. You’ll always walk out of class feeling better than you did walking in. And that’s because LiveWell is more than a fitness center; we are a fitness family, a community of supportive people who check their egos at the door.

We truly are the “judgment-free zone” and every instructor on LiveWell’s team shares my vision and shows up to instruct class because it’s their passion, not their job.

From the upbeat movements of Cardio Dancing to the power and strength of high intensity interval training to the quiet and mindful stretch of Yoga, LiveWell United truly offers something for everybody.

Love, Renée

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