Tabata Training

What is Tabata training? No, it's not another fitness industry fad, it's a concise, intense and highly efficient way to burn calories. Research has shown that the average exerciser burns between 270-340 calories in 20 minutes of Tabata training! Tabata training involves intervals of a brief 20 seconds of exhaustive effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. It's easy-to-follow, using simple movements, not choreography. Whether you're looking to take your fitness routine to that next level or if you're looking to try a new class, participating at your level, try Tabata training!


  • $10 for a 1 hour class OR
  • $55 for a LiveWell punch card worth 10 hours of classes OR
  • $85/month for a single membership OR
  • $120/month for a family membership

The punchcard or membership can be used for many of our classes; see our services for a full list.


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